Disciples of Christ Church

Now, Solon Historical Society Museum Solon, Ohio 1899 The congregation was formed in 1841; it built the first church on the site in 1845, which later burned and was replaced by the current structure. President James A. Garfield was a circuit riding preacher to this church in 1860, in the former church building. A stained glass window and small chapel are dedicated to Garfield and commemorate his connection... read more

First Universalist Church

North Olmstead, Ohio 1847 Settlers to the area founded the Universalist congregation in 1834. The building is the oldest church in North Olmsted and one of the first Universalist churches in Ohio. The belfry was used as a station in the Underground Railway, to hide escaping slaves before the Civil War. The architecture is typical of the time, based on small Greek temples, capped with a spire and possibly... read more

St. Christopher by the River

Gates Mills, Ohio 1853 The church was built by a Methodist congregation with donations by the town founder, Halsey Gates. In 1906 the Episcopal Church began to hold vesper services there. In 1926 a canvass of the neighborhood revealed the community wished the church to become Episcopalian, and it was established as an Episcopal mission church that year, with the name changed to St. Christopher’s by... read more

Methodist Church

Now, part of the Frostville Museum Rocky River Reservation, Ohio The origins of this Olmsted church are in doubt. Originally thought to be the Union House of Worship, recent research suggests that Methodists in Olmsted originally built the church in 1847, and Congregationalists bought it in 1871. The building has undergone several major renovations, and it is no longer known for certain what the original... read more

First Baptist Church

Now, Old Baptist Church Community Building Bedford, Ohio 1892 Prominent Akron architect Jacob Snyder designed the church in the popular “Akron plan.” Classic elements include a sloped sanctuary with curved pews, and Sunday School classrooms surrounding the main sanctuary. The church houses a 1914 Moeller Pipe Organ. The church is located downtown, next to a city park called “Bedford Commons” and... read more

Independence Presbyterian Church

Independence, Ohio 1855 The Missionary Association of Connecticut formed the congregation in 1837 with seven members. The meetings first were held in a log school house and then the town hall. In 1862 the congregation became Presbyterian in form. The building is constructed of local sandstone, and is located on the west side of the town square, in the historic downtown district. Today, the old sandstone... read more