Brownhelm Congreational Church

Brownhelm, Ohio (date unknown) The congregation, consisting of sixteen members, was organized in 1819. The current church building is the third edifice built by the congregation. Part of the Brownhelm Historic District, National Register of Historic Places Architectural Style: Federal/Greek Revival Address: 2144 North Ridge Road, Vermillion,... read more

United Church of Huntington

Huntington, Ohio 1847 The church congregation was originally Methodist in denomination. The edifice was built in 1847 at a cost of $2,000. The church became one of the most important preaching sites on the Methodist circuit of the area, called the “Wellington Circuit.” Huntington is credited with turning out a large number of Methodist preachers in the nineteenth century. Today’s united... read more

Kipton Community Church

Kipton, Ohio 1879 The Methodist and Baptist congregations in the Kipton area joined forces to build Union Church in 1879, using the church on alternating Sundays. In 1924 the Christian Church of Kipton joined the Union Church, which was renamed the Kipton Community Church . The church is located on a residential street, near the center of town. National Register of Historic Places Architectural... read more

Old St. Patrick’s Church

Wellington, Ohio 1849 Old St. Patrick’s church was originally a one room school house. The school was no longer needed when the village consolidated its schools in the early 1900s. Meanwhile, St. Patrick’s parish was founded in 1858, to serve mainly Irish railroad workers. The parish outgrew its first church, and in 1906 bought the current structure at an auction, for $700 dollars. The... read more

First Congregational United Church of Christ

Wellington, Ohio 1896 The congregation was organized in 1824 and first met in a log school house. In the 1840s the church split, with the splinter group taking a more strongly anti- slavery stance. The two sides reunited in the late 1840s. In 1878-79 a brick church was built on the site. According to the History of Lorain County, Ohio, published in1879, “During a winter revival meeting the church ... read more
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