Mother of Sorrows Catholic Church

Peninsula, Ohio 1882 The church was built for descendants of Irish Catholics who came to Ohio in the 1820s to build the Ohio and Erie canals. Originally called by its Latin name, “Mater Dolorosa,” it was very plain and did not have a finished interior until 1887. In the early twentieth century, Catholics from Eastern Europe arrived in the community to work in the paper mills, and the congregation... read more

Bronson Memorial Church

Now, Bronson Memorial Church Museum Peninsula, Ohio 1839 The Episcopal church, originally called Bethel Church, was built in 1835 by Hermon Bronson, who wanted to “introduce moral and religious tactics among the vicious and unlawful practices of the canal boatmen.” (William Perrin’s History of Summit County, 1881). The church was remodeled in Gothic Revival style in 1889 and renamed Bronson... read more