Christ Church Episcopal

Now, Christ Church Museum
Windsor, Ohio 1832

This sacred landmark has benefited more than once from the timely advocacy and efforts of those who cared about it deeply. An early Episcopal congregation constructed the church. The Episcopal diocese declared it “extinct” in 1892 and it was slated for demolition. However, early in the twentieth century an Episcopal archdeacon moved into the church, conducted extensive repairs, and revived the moribund congregation. When it once more fell into disuse, the Ashtabula Historical Society leased the building from the Episcopal diocese from 1955-1975, restoring the building and adding a small addition in the back to house a museum. In 1976 the Windsor Historical Society took responsibility for the building. After some years of dormancy, this organization is again actively working to restore and maintain the building as a historical museum. The interior contains the original walnut pews, the high lectern, an oil chandelier, and the pedal pump organ.

National Register for Historic Places

Architectural Style: Greek Revival

Address: Intersection of Route 322 and Wiswell Road