First Universalist Church

North Olmstead, Ohio 1847

Settlers to the area founded the Universalist congregation in 1834. The building is the oldest church in North Olmsted and one of the first Universalist churches in Ohio. The belfry was used as a station in the Underground Railway, to hide escaping slaves before the Civil War. The architecture is typical of the time, based on small Greek temples, capped with a spire and possibly also a steeple. Also typical is the addition of Gothic elements, such as the window over the front door of the church. This building was originally located in historic Olmsted. Like its former neighbor the Methodist Church, which was moved to the Frostville Museum, this church has also been moved. It was placed in its current location in 1963.

National Register of Historic Places

Architectural Style: Greek Revival

Address: 5050 Porter Road North Olmsted, Ohio