Methodist Church

Now, part of the Frostville Museum
Rocky River Reservation, Ohio

The origins of this Olmsted church are in doubt. Originally thought to be the Union House of Worship, recent research suggests that Methodists in Olmsted originally built the church in 1847, and Congregationalists bought it in 1871. The building has undergone several major renovations, and it is no longer known for certain what the original building looked like. The Congregational Church closed in the 1970s, and the church changed owners twice. It suffered deterioration. The Olmsted Historical Society acquired the building in June, 2005, and moved it from its original location in historic Olmsted to the Frostville Museum, a restored 1800s community.

Architecture: American Vernacular/ Cupola has Palladian Windows

Address: Olmsted Historical Society Frostville Museum Located off Cedar Point Road west of Valley Parkway in the Rocky River Reservation