First Congregational United Church of Christ

Wellington, Ohio 1896

The congregation was organized in 1824 and first met in a log school house. In the 1840s the church split, with the splinter group taking a more strongly anti- slavery stance. The two sides reunited in the late 1840s. In 1878-79 a brick church was built on the site. According to the History of Lorain County, Ohio, published in1879, “During a winter revival meeting the church caught fire. As people started to stir, the preacher cried out ‘Never mind the fire that water will quench, the fires of hell are what you need to fear.’ However this had little effect and the congregation fled.” The current church replaced the burned structure. The church has exceptional stained glass windows, a dome in the sanctuary, and a very good organ. The building is located on the “Public Green’ on the main street, across from the Town Hall and the Methodist Church, in an area of historic buildings and homes.

Architectural Style: Gothic Revival

Address: 140 South Main Street, Wellington, Ohio