First United Methodist Church

Wellington, Ohio 1867

therein Circuit riding preachers led the Methodist services in Wellington until the congregation was organized and built a log cabin church in 1825-26. In 1835, a brick edifice was built on the site of the present church. At the time the current church was built, it was considered “the best Methodist Church in Ohio .” (History of Lorain County, 1879). The church’s most noticeable architectural feature, its tower and tall steeple, are a well-known local landmark. According to a church history, “the inspiring steeple . . . could be seen for miles, and the twin Janus-faced clock on all four sides near the base of the steeple. The melodious bells that sounded the hour could be heard far out into the country. Homes did not have accurate time pieces at that time so the clock in the Methodist Steeple set the time in many homes. . . . For many years the bell was used to sound alarms including those for fires.” In the 1890s, the clock was moved from the church to the Town Hall, where it continued for many years to perform the same public service. The building was enlarged in 1878-81. It is located on the “Public Green” in the center of the historic downtown next to the Town Hall and library. Architectural Style: Gothic Revival

inherently Address: 127 Park Place, Wellington, Ohio