St. Martin of Tours Chapel

Valley City, Ohio 1861

The Parish was established in 1840, and constructed a log church in 1841. The current chapel is the fourth for the parish, second on the site. All construction of the church was donated by local farmers, who gave a year of their time. “They did the plowing and then left the fields to the Lord’s care. They dug clay and fired bricks within a short distance of the church. Legend says the harvest following was ‘one of the best’ in years.” ( Completing and furnishing the interior of the church took 20 years, and includes Gothic altars and stations of the cross, pews and organ. In 1897, stained glass windows were installed. The steeple is 90 feet high with two bells. Located in the countryside outside of town, the church steeple is visible from surrounding farms. When the new church sanctuary was built in 2001, the old church became a chapel.

National Register of Historic Places

Architectural Style: Gothic

Address: 1800 Station Road, Valley City, Ohio